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Special-Needs Housing

September 22nd, 2010

Special-needs housing provides a safe, secure, structured environment for elderly, homeless, disabled, handicapped, or other residents with particular needs. Support services may include case management, medical or psychological counseling and supervision, cleaning, transportation, and job training. Also referred to as supportive housing, special-needs facilities allow persons with unique needs to live as independently as possible within a home-like environment.

The design of facilities and grounds for those with special-needs – the character and composition of living arrangements, the range of amenities and the quality of the overall environment – have important bearing on the success of the residential facility, from the perspective of marketing, operations and of course the quality of life for the residents.

BartonPartners specializes in the design and planning of facilities that provide all levels of care for those with special needs. We understand how to create facilities that work well and feel right for residents and staff. Our work is enhanced by our in-house planning and landscape design capabilities, enabling an integrated approach that results in better, more sustainable places.

Our clients include not-for-profit providers as well as private developers and housing authorities. Buildings are tailored to fit your site, your approach to service and care, and the specific needs of your residents in the context of your market and mission.

At BartonPartners, experience, talent and knowledge is leveraged through a continuum of professional services.