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Norristown Church celebrated its 175th anniversary

February 20th, 2015

St. Patrick’s Church, located in Norristown, PA just celebrated its 175th anniversary. A lot has changed for this Irish immigrant based church since its formation in 1835. In 1990, due to a change in demographics, the St. Patrick’s Church was on the brink of shutting its doors for good, but thanks to the influx of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, the parish’s congregation revived. For these immigrants who felt so out of place and alone in a foreign country, St. Patrick’s church offered a safe haven and a sense of community and heritage that was left behind.

Noam Osband, producer and director, recently completed a film, “Adelante” focusing on this incredible and inspiring story. To find out more click here.

St. Patrick's Church outside St. Patrick's Church inside