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Inglis Gardens at Belmont Making Headway

May 31st, 2016

This 80 unit project features 40 units in each of 2 buildings. 40 of these units are designated as special needs and/or nursing home transition units, helping to provide a cooperative living space for people who need accommodations for mobility impairments. The additional units are reserved for low-income individuals. There is a board room and office space for neighboring Inglis House staff in Building A, as well as, future commercial space in Building B.

Each building also comprises of a library, technological and educational amenities, a community room, and a fitness center . Enhanced accessibility features can be found in all of the units, which accommodate needs beyond code-required accessibility and adaptability components, making this project unique.

Not only did we design the architecture of Inglis Gardens, but we were also happy to provide landscape architecture services, in order to help receive approvals from zoning. Inglis Gardens at Belmont is slated to start leasing on June 15th with the building completely turned over to the owners by the end of July.Inglis Gardens at BelmontIMG_0786