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BartonPartners Sponsors the Positronic Panthers

April 25th, 2011

BartonPartners is a proud sponsor of the Positronic Panthers, the Strath Haven High School Robotics Team. The high school robotics team is competing in the FIRST Robotics’™ LOGO MOTION™ game, which is played by two competing alliances consisting of three robots. The goal of the competition is to hang as many inflated plastic shapes on their grid as they can during a 2 minute 15 second match. The team with the highest stacked game pieces on their scoring grid receives the most points. (For more information on the game, click here.)

The Positronic Panthers, Team 486, recently placed 2 out of approximately 70 teams at the Philadelphia Regionals. Their robust and versatile robot, complete with full range of motion and a powerful arm, was built over a 6 week period. This year’s competition presented the opportunity to score extra points by making a mini robot, which could be deployed during the last 12 seconds of the match. Team 486 eagerly accepted the challenge and created the mini robot.  With the conclusion of the competitive season, the Panthers look forward to competing  with a new robot and a new game in 2012.