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AmeriSus & Insulspan: Providing Affordable Homes

July 15th, 2010

Insulspan, one of North America’s largest suppliers of structural insulating building products, has joined forces with AmeriSus – the American Sustainability Initiative LLC – to provide high-efficiency, affordable homes set for distribution this summer.

AmeriSus is challenging assumptions about home construction and ownership in America. Dedicated to the proposition that affordability, efficiency and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, The AmeriSus Homes Package brings nearly everything a builder needs to complete a super efficient affordable home that is a standout in any market.

“We’re thrilled to be working with such a responsible and forward-looking company. By specifying SIPs for its entire line of homes, AmeriSus is making a strong statement that energy efficiency is non-negotiable and not just for the wealthy.”
Bruce Chorlton, Insulspan
Senior Vice President

Insulspan will provide pre-fabricated SIP walls – two sheets of structural oriented strand board laminated to a core of solid expanded polystyrene insulation – that arrive on site with window openings, door openings and wire chases in place, allowing for rapid assembly and eliminating much of the waste of conventional framing. This also facilitates AmeriSus’s “just in time” delivery system, which provides components to the builder as they’re needed.

These exciting homes include high tech HVAC systems, Energy Star appliances, cabinets, fixtures, finishes and lighting, provided by a consortium of nationally recognized companies. This collaboration allows AmeriSus and the AmeriSus Homes ever expanding line of pre-engineered houses to be the new housing brand that builders and buyers look for when they are serious about quality, value and the environment.

“SIPs are a perfect fit for our proprietary Ready Build System™. When the builder is ready for walls he doesn’t get a load of lumber, he gets walls – pre-cut, insulated and ready to erect. With the AmeriSus designs, a weather-proof building shell is up and secure in a matter of days.”
Tom Barton, AmeriSus
Architect , Co-Founder

Home sizes range from 1,100 to 1,600 square feet, and are suitable for a variety of lots, including urban in-fill sites. AmeriSus homes are expected to sell for between $180,000 and $250,000.