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Presentations & Reports

FINAL: Saugatuck Transit Oriented Design Master Plan Report

2018_03_15 16105_Rpt_FINAL for real


Saugatuck TOD Draft Report 1/26/18



Appendix A- Market Analysis

A - Saugatuck TOD Market Analysis


Appendix B- Lot1 & Lot2 Feasibility

B - Financial Feasibility Analysis - Lots 1&2 Development


Appendix C- Historic Resources

C - PAL Report-Reduced



Appendix D- Cost Estimates

D - Saugatuck Improvements Cost Estimate


Saugatuck TOD Draft Report 1/10/18




Westport Saugatuck TOD Master Plan 11/27/17 Presentation

2017-11-27_ WestportSaugatuckTODMasterPlanPresentation final2


Proposed Private Realm Improvements & Zoning Strategies

2017_10-17_Saugatuck_Presentation_Zoning v5 Rev2A


Transit Oriented Design Master Plan Presentation

2017_09_18 Westport Saugatuck TOD MasterPlan Presentation (Final)


Public Realm Improvement Plan

2017_07_18 Saugatuck_Public Realm Improvement Plan-reduced


Survey Results

Saugatuck_Survey Results Presentation_Final


Saugatuck Transit Oriented Design Master Plan Committee Meeting Presentation

(FOR WEB) 2017_05_16 Westport Saugatuck Transit Oriented Design Master Plan - v5 Steering Committee working


Saugatuck TOD Study

Saugatuck TOD Study - Market Analysis


Saugatuck Historic Resources Inventory Update and Recommendations

3332 Saugatuck TOD Plan Project Report__


*for security purposes all reports and presentations can not be downloaded or printed.