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Installment 1: SIPs Construction

BartonPartners and Insulspan are improving on the current model for protected wood-frame construction without significantly impacting construction cost. We can improve: speed of construction, construction quality, labor efficiency, the thermal and moisture envelope, sustainability, quality, and operating expenses for maintenance and energy.

The Hamilton is Awarded the 2010 Innovator of the Year Award

  [caption id="attachment_242" align="alignright" width="200" caption="Image Copyright Plymouth Photo Studio"][/caption] September 21, New York, NY -- The Hamilton proudly received the 2010 Innovator of the Year Award from the New York State Association for Affordable Housing. The Hamilton is conveniently located on the Genesee River and the River walkway in the popular Southwedge neighborhood in Rochester, NY. The Hamilton has played an extraordinary role in the overall community revitalization. This affordable housing project has risen out of a site that,…

Special-Needs Housing

BartonPartners specializes in the design and planning of facilities that provide all levels of care for those with special needs. We understand how to create facilities that work well and feel right for residents and staff.

BIA Seminar: Rethinking Homebuilding

BIA of Philadelphia: Re-imagining Homebuilding September, 15 2010 Presenters: Tom Barton, BartonPartners Architects Planners Beth Miller, Community Design Collaborative Sheldon Walter, Custom Building Systems Jim Wentling, James Wentling/Architects View BIA Presentation (pdf)

HUD Grants to Require LEED for Neighborhood Development

In line with HUD’s commitment to smart growth and sustainability, BartonPartners can work with you to design and promote environmentally responsible, profitable, and healthy community plans. Read more about how our experience can help you meet the requirements for HUD grants.

Livable Communities: America’s Hometowns

BartonPartners provides planning and design services to CDCs through our integrated planning and architecture approach. Read more about how we can help you create revitalized downtowns and walkable neighborhoods to bring people, employers, and housing closer and create America’s hometowns.

Balancing Aesthetics and Affordability

BartonPartners has the experience necessary to help you design and build award winning and affordable communities. We are skilled at conceptualizing the big picture, while getting the details right. Read more about our experience with affordable housing.

AmeriSus & Insulspan: Providing Affordable Homes

Insulspan, one of North America’s largest suppliers of structural insulating building products, has joined forces with AmeriSus – the American Sustainability Initiative LLC – to provide high-efficiency, affordable homes set for distribution this summer. AmeriSus is challenging assumptions about home construction and ownership in America. Dedicated to the proposition that affordability, efficiency and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, The AmeriSus Homes Package brings nearly everything a builder needs to complete a super efficient affordable home that is a standout in…

Building in Flexibility – Development Framework Planning

In today’s project entitlement environment, municipalities are requiring increasing levels of design detail from applicants prior to granting preliminary site plan approvals.  Often developers are forced to provide full schematic or even design development level engineering and architectural drawings for each proposed building within a development.  This is both costly and risky, as it limits the flexibility needed to address market and demographic shifts over time.  Add to that the volatility in both the debt and equity markets, and developers…