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A Gateway for Westport

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Saugatuck- Transit Oriented Design Master Plan

The Town of Westport is engaged in a community visioning and planning process to improve the quality of life, design and public streetscapes in Saugatuck. The Saugatuck Transit Oriented Design Master Plan project is a nine month planning process engaging community members and a team of planners, engineers, economic planners and historic preservation experts to establish design standards and a master plan to enhance this important gateway for the Town of Westport. This project is being guided by the Saugatuck Transit Oriented Design Master Plan Steering Committee.

Initial Project Goals:

  • Improve the entrance experience when arriving in Westport
  • Maintain the authenticity and identity of Saugatuck
    • Respect the character of this community
    • Preserve it, build upon it and enhance it
  • Create an even stronger sense of place designed for extraordinary livability
  • Improve the connectivity and walkability between the station, village and waterfront
  • Enhance the existing infrastructure – streets, sidewalks, parking, plazas, parks, lighting, landscaping
  • Improve the privately and publicly-owned civic spaces
  • Attract and engage all generations – young and old
  • Establish design guidelines, standards and a master plan to reinforce these goals

Project Results

In December of 2017, the project consulting team will present the results of the public planning effort including a master plan report, design guidelines for streets and buildings, and a streetscape design illustrating proposed sidewalk and landscaping improvements.


Please check back periodically for updates.

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